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Welcome to Making It Happen.

Campbell and Joy Cameron. Making It Happen.

We are an event management,  marketing and promotional business based in Benderloch near Oban.

Our next concert is


as part of their

extensive "Scotlandia" tour 


on Friday June 21st 2019

in the Victory hall Benderloch.

- see concert tickets tab to book.

MIH also specialise in:

  • Project and Event management.
  • Policy planning and straegy development.
  • Building effective Business and Individuals networks.
  • We can provide:
  • Teaching and training - workshops, events, conferences and facilitator services.
  • Personal and team coaching and positive thinking.

What can we bring to your business in the way of experience and assistance? How can we help?

We help folk, help themselves to, create assets.

Assets create income ~  income creates lifestyle. 

Lifestyle creates freedom.

In the first instance - give us a call and we can have a chat - maybe a coffee to follow up then and lets see what we can do for you!

Contact Campbell  or Joy on:

 01631 720 247/ or 07786243484


Advice and action on how to keep smiling through hard times!
Call us now for a chat on 01631 720247/ email



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